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Facial Treatment

facial treatment

Deep Cleansing Facial


Glycolic Treatments

Facial Peels




Eminence Organic Spa Treatment

Grand Organic

 $65 and up

A 60 minute personalized facial treatment with chosen organic products to target skin care needs.

Corrective Facials

Age Corrective                                                     $85 and up

Get youthful glowing skin that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by using phytonutrients and vitamins.

Bright Skin/Licorice Root Regeneration         $80 and up

Lightens and moisturizes the skin leaving a luminous glow.

Clear Skin Cucumber                                           $70 and up

Works to reduce the signs of acne so the skin will glow with confidence.

Calm Skin                                                                 $70 and up

Chamomile and ale vera working together to balance the skin, reducing the signs of redness and irritation leaving the skin soft and hydrated.

*if additional products are used

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